Dr. Selvi’s Cooking with Crohn’s

I help women soothe their Crohn’s NATURALLY so they can ENJOY LIFE

Selvi Vasudevan, MD 💜


Looking for ANSWERS from a professional who’s also in remission from Crohn’s?

Got QUESTIONS about your personal Crohn’s goals?

Proud to be featured by Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation

As interviewed by Dr. Shaunna Menard on Health Coach TV

My personal transformation:

Inflamed and sick years ago (L), Healthy and living life today (R)

Hi! I’m Dr. Selvi Vasudevan. I am a medical doctor, a health coach, but more importantly a patient with Crohn’s disease for over 2 decades. After suffering for years, including numerous surgeries, hospitalizations, a temporary ostomy, umpteen medications, and more, I figured out how to get into remission. Now in remission for almost 10 years (through answers I found outside of my medical training), living and enjoying my own life, I am sharing my techniques with other Crohn’s patients to help them soothe their guts and enjoy life again! 💜

More about my journey that inspired my purpose👇🏽:

Questions? Concerns? Feel free to reach out!

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